In late 2005 there was no standard to allow the exchange of information on wine.

This meant that web sites would provide such information, as the description of the wine, detailed tasting notes, details about the vineyard, how the wine was made etc.,  in a form which did not allow an easy exchange of that information between wine professionals and/or enthusiasts.  Therefor when someone would find this information they could just copy it using basic options like copy/paste, print the web page or maybe download a PDF file provided by the site.  If they then wanted to record this information in their favorite wine cellar program they had to retype this information!

We wanted to correct this situation and therefore a few us (authors of wine management programs) got together in late 2005 to create a standard and the result of this effort is documented on this site.

Should you find that your particular need is not or not well covered by the current schema please do not hesitate to contact us.

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